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Getting Ready for your Headshot Session

What to Wear

How to Determine Your Body Type

Justine Leconte- fashion designer

The video above is the first of eight videos in this series where she discusses each body type in greater detail.

Determining Your Skin's Undertone

Justine Leconte- fashion designer

Eliminating Undergarment Lines

Dominique Sachse -TV Personality

This video and all of the makeup tutorials are by Dominique Sachse. She’s one of our favorite YouTube channels because she is very classy in her approach to wardrobe and makeup and has years of experience in front of a camera.


Makeup Tutorial to Look Younger

Dominique Sachse -TV Personality

Contouring & Highlighting Tutorial

Dominique Sachse -TV Personality

Clean Corporate Makeup Tutorial

Dominique Sachse -TV Personality


The first thing you want to do is to Determine Your Face Shape by following the simple instructions outlined in this blog post. Or you can just skip this step and go right to the next video.

Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape

Justine Leconte- fashion designer

The Perfect Blowout

Dominique Sachse -TV Personality

Posing Tips

Diminish Double Chin

Other Posing Tips