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12 July 2019

Social Maketing Videos have Taken Over

The truth is that video isn't the next big thing in marketing - it has arrived! Creating video content is all the rage right now whether it be Facebook live videos to a 15 second Instagram story clip. The questions is: have you joined the trend? Whether you answer yes or no, we think you are going to LOVE this new tool that has entered the video creation space.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

  1. Why Creating Videos is Such a Headache
  2. What Tools are Out There to Create these Social Videos
  3. Pros and Cons of each Video Platform
  4. Why We Chose InVideo
  5. Tips for Implementing InVideo in Less than 5 Minutes!

Creating Branded Videos is a Pain

1️⃣ We don't know about you, but the biggest reason we don't like producing videos for our own brand is TIME! ⏳ Can we get an "Amen!"? 🙋‍♀️

Seriously, professional videos take a lot of time to edit. We at Shining Star Studios affectionately call it the "black hole." 🕳️

2️⃣ The second reason is money. Let's face it, because of number one ☝️, most people would rather hire it out. That's great unless you are on a solopreneur budget where penny pinching is no joke. 💰 Until recently, if you wanted a professional video, you had to spend 💲,💲💲💲 or more on a video production. Which is why many of us started winging it on our phones and adding overlays to make it look pretty. 🤳🏿

3️⃣ Third, we don't know what to create? 🤔 Where do we even start? If we have started, how do we keep it going with fresh content?

- If You're Going to Do Something Consistently, It has to be Enjoyable! -

Video Tools on the Market

Let's talk about the video creation tools on the market, and there are a lot! We are only going to cover the most popular ones here, but if we miss one of your favorites, please let us know in the comments or by sending us a quick message. We are going to divide them into two groups: advanced video editors and "done-for-you" video creators.

Advanced Video Editors:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Premiere Rush, & Premiere Elements - Adobe has addressed video creation head on with multiple tools, not to mention After Effects. There are differing level of learning curves depending on which platform you choose, but they all approach video production from a "made-from-scratch" perspective.
  2. Final Cut Pro X - We have never personally used this editor, but from what I have been told by other pros, it is very similar to Adobe Premeire Pro CC in that there is a steep learning curve but is also very powerful.
  3. DiVinci Resolve - Used in Hollywood productions, DiVinci Resolve is also very powerful. We have played around with this program, and like Hollywood, we love the color grading capabilities of Resolve. Our favorite feature is that the free download version is this software is more than enough power for our studio productions. If you are looking for advanced editing capability without a pricetag, then definately checkout DiVinci Resolve!
  4. Wondershare Filmora - This is a very powerful editor as well, but if you want access to the special effects, you will need to subscribe to their monthly plan. You will still have to build your video from scratch, but at least the effects and titles are pre-done for you.

Done-for-You Video Creators:

  1. Animoto - One of the very first template video creation tools, Animoto has been around for over 10 years. Their entire video platform is based on templates.
  2. Rocketium - This tool is specifically geared toward short videos and offers several templates in different video genres.
  3. InVideo

Side by Side Comparison

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